Outdoor Travel Gears Tips And Tricks

Outdoor gear has never been more effective or efficient than it is now. It seems like everything outdoors has been re imagined and re-engineered in recent years to make them lighter, more weather resistant, more durable, safer and of course, more attractive. If you’re a long time outdoor enthusiast you welcome these upgrades and look forward to even more enjoyable outdoor excursions to come. If you’re a relative newbie to the great outdoors you’re in for a treat. Because today’s outdoor gear will start you off on the right foot and enable you to build a fun, rewarding relationship with the wild that will pay dividends the rest of your life.

Below you’ll find links to all of our outstanding outdoor travel gear products. From comfy lightweight sleeping bags for all kinds of weather to winter boots that will keep your feet warm and dry when the snow is piling up and incredible LED headlamps that will send a clear bright beam of light 200 meters down the trail, we’ve got it all. So take your time and take a look at our fantastic selection of outdoor gear. Your outdoor adventures will never be the same.

The outdoor Travel gears


Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Kelty dualist 30 degree sleeping bag

Whether ultra-light or ultra-warm (or both) we’ve got the best backpacking sleeping bags for every type of conditions. Backpacking sleeping bags aren’t like the ones the family uses in the state park. They’re intended for nights spent in the deep woods or up the mountain. As such they need to be lightweight, durable and compress down to a manageable size. You may also want a bag that’s waterproof or, at minimum, water resistant. Simply because you never know what Mother Nature has in store. But whatever you need we’ve got it here so have a look.


Best Hiking Boots On Demand

Vasque St. Elias hiking boot

Hiking boots have always been the place where outdoor gear begins. You may or may not need a sleeping bag when you hit the trail. You may or may not need a full-sized backpack and you may or may not need a crampons but you’re always going to need the right footwear. Today’s hiking boots range from lightweight, waterproof three-season boots that will propel you down the trail in comfort and style to hard core winter boots with rigid soles and plenty of Th-insulate to keep those piggies warm when the temperature plunges. Have a look.


Lightweight Hiking Shoes

best women hiking shoes reviews


Sometimes you don’t need the extra support and protection hiking boots provide. Instead you want something lighter and more flexible and that’s where our lightweight hiking shoes come in. They’re the missing link between running shoes and hiking boots and they’ll transform you from a back country plodder into Jack B. Nimble of the trails. Lightweight hiking shoes are your fair weather hiking solution. They’ll provide you the added support you need on those up and down dirt surfaces without compromising your mobility or causing your feet to overheat when you really get going. Breathable, comfortable and stylish lightweight hiking shoes keep you moving.


Backpacking Camping Tents

Nemo Dagger 2p ultralight backpacking tent

There’s a difference between the tent you use when you spend a weekend at the seashore with the family and the one you need when you head off into the woods with your backpack. Backpacking tents need to be lightweight, compact, weatherproof, durable and easy to set up after a long day busting your hump on the trail. You’ll also need to consider things such as the number of storage pouches inside the tent, whether or not the tent bottom is waterproof or just water resistant and the number of people who’ll be sharing the tent. But whatever your needs we’ve got a backpacking camping tent for you.


Best Lightweight Winter Boots

warm women winter boots

There are as many types of winter boots as there are outdoor winter activities. If you’re an ice climber you’re going to want something extremely warm, lightweight and rigid to accommodate your crampons. If you’re a hunter you’ll want something calf-high, waterproof, warm and flexible for those long slogs over the ridge in pursuit of that 12 point buck. If you’re into snowmobiling you’re going to need a boot with lots of insulation, plenty of support, a rigid toe for protection and a really high cut to keep the snow out. Check out our full line of winter boots here.


Top Camping Chairs 

foldable picnic chairs

When you head to the campground for a relaxing weekend outdoors you want to do just that; relax. Picnic tables are great for communing with the local ant population but if you’re serious about your love of fresh air and fragrant breezes you’re going to want a first class camping chair. One that can be set up anywhere your heart desires and will accommodate your drink, have a pocket for your book, provide support for your back and not be ruined if it gets caught in the rain. Some come with sunscreens as well so you’re protected on those scorching summer days. Click here to find the camping chair you need.


Backpacking Sleeping Pads

best sleeping pads

Nothing’s worse than hitting the bag after a long day on the trail only to feel rocks and tree roots digging into your back from under the tent. The best way to avoid that unpleasant experience is to bring along a first class sleeping pad and we’ve got a wide assortment of them. It’s no exaggeration to say that a sleeping pad can make or break your outdoor experience. So take your time and make sure you select one that will provide the comfort and convenience you’re after without bogging you down with unnecessary weight or bulk.


All Mountains Skis

all mountains skis reviews

The term “all mountain skis” covers a variety of brands and designs but essentially refers to skis that will provide you with the ability to effectively carve on hardpack surfaces and float over new snow without becoming bogged down. Sometimes it’s hard to predict what kind of surface you’ll find when you start down the slope so by choosing all mountain skis you’re covered for any eventuality. There are a lot of different all-mountain skis out there so we’ve narrowed the field just a bit to provide you with what we feel are the best in terms of performance and value.


Mountain Bike Helmets

best Mountain Bike Helmet

Most people tend to think that all bike helmets are pretty much created equal. And while it’s true that you can wear pretty much any bike helmet anywhere there are subtle differences between street and mountain bike helmets that you should be aware of. Typically the biggest difference is that road helmets (most of them anyway) won’t have a visor while mountain bike helmets will. Road helmets are also typically more aerodynamic than mountain bike helmets and often have more ventilation slots. Check out our wide selection of state of the art mountain bike helmets here.


Best Camping Stoves

best Camping Stoves for camping

Whether you’re camping in Yellowstone with the family or you’ve been hammering the trail all day with a hundred pounds on your back when it’s time to eat it’s time to eat. Having a camping stove you can rely on will make the difference between and great time in the great outdoors and a frustrating, vexing experience. Camping stoves come in all sizes, shapes and weights and whether you’re an alpine expert who loves camping above tree line or a weekend warrior with a perfect view of the beach from your campsite you want to know which stoves are the best. Find out here.


Best Rain Jackets

best Rain Jackets for men and women

If you’re out on the trail and the rain sets in you’re going to need a first class rain jacket or your idyllic romp through the forest will turn into an interminable slog. The best rain jackets are those that keep you bone dry, don’t weigh you down, don’t slow you down and are made of durable outdoor-ready fabrics. If you don’t hit the trail very frequently a high quality starter jacket should do you well. But if you’re dedicated to the outdoors you’re going to want something that will meet all the above criteria and last for years to come. In this guide we’ll take a close look at the best rain jackets.


Headlamps Reviews

Headlamps for mountains

If you’ve ever spent any time in the woods at night you know just how dark it can get. There’s nothing in the city or suburbs that even comes close to the inky blackness of the great outdoors. Backpacker headlamps have been around for decades but it wasn’t until LED headlamps burst on the scene in recent years that the humble headlamp really became a reliable survival tool. Incredibly bright and requiring very little by way of power LEDs have revolutionized the headlamp market. In this guide we’ll look at our choices for the best headlamps.


Best Hiking Backpacks

best Hiking Backpacks reviews

The quality of your outdoor experience will depend in large part on how comfortably you’re able to bear the weight of your backpack. If there’s one truism about backpacks it’s this: they’re not all created equal. A poorly balanced hiking backpack with inadequate padding in the shoulder straps and little or no support in the waist band is going to feel like you’re lugging a potato sack of boulders up the mountain with you. By contrast, with a well-designed backpack you’ll sometimes forget it’s there. Take a look at our extensive selection of hiking backpacks here.